Submit-Mayatile Script

Sometimes frames take so long to render, it's difficult to get decent feedback when tweaking the lights or objects in a scene. In such a case, it's desirable to have multiple machines render different parts of each frame as 'tiles' that can quickly be rendered in parallel, then comped together.

'submit-maya6-tile' splits each frame up into 'tiles' and renders them separately on different machines, and then using ImageMagick's 'montage' and 'composite' commands, recombines the tiles into a single image. It does this by submitting a Rush job with floating point frame numbers, where the integer part of the frame number is the frame being rendered, and the fractional part of the frame number is the tile number.

For instance, a 3x3 tile render will submit a job where each frame has 9 parts, plus a tenth to do the compositing operation, eg:

    0001.00  -- tile #1
    0001.01  -- tile #2
    0001.02  -- tile #3
    0001.07  -- tile #8
    0001.08  -- tile #9
    0001.09  -- composite operation (composites tiles 1-9 into a single image)
This way the tiles all quickly render their tiny image chunks in parallel, then the composite operation combines all the tiles together into a single image.


Example Use

4x4 Tiled Render Example (16 tiles total)