(To be done)

   * AMP1 and AMP3 are Male Press-fit amphenols. I used Digikey A24394-ND (TE Connectivity Mfr# 554758-1)
   * AMP2 is a Female Press-fit amphenol. I used Digikey A24390-ND
   * JP1 is a 32 pin header, Digikey 732-5307-ND
   * The screw terminals are an assortment of Digikey ED2580-ND

   NOTE: AMP1 has to be machined by hand to create the two slots to accept the special
         notched amphenol connectors on the cable ends of the 108A speaker and 680A transmitter.
	 To create the notches, I carefully used a 2.4mm depaneling tool from Amazon: 
	     Hakko CHP DP-24-N Depaneling Tool - 2.4mm