1A2 Multiline Phone Control Board - REV-G (Rotary/Interlink/PIC)


History of Board Revisions

1A2 KSU - Revision G1

REV-G1 board all soldered up and populated with components.

Eight 1A2 phones Interlinked with two REV-G KSU boards for a total of 5 active lines (4 CO and 1 Intercom)
with two PowerDSINE Ring Generators.

What's new in REV-G is when boards are interlinked, the lamp flashing for all lines is synchronized. This was not true with the REV-F and REV-F1 boards, where the flashing rate for ringing and hold for lines 1+2 could drift out of sync with the flashing rate for lines 3+4, since the cpus managing the two sets of lines weren't synchronized. A single wiring change was added in Rev-G to synchronize flashing along with a small software modification.

Otherwise, this revision offers the same features as Revision F and F1:

When combining two boards to provide a total of 4 CO lines / 8 extensions, each extension can be uniquely dialed on the intercom line via Touch-Tone or Rotary. This page shows how to interlink two boards.

Closeup of cable management, weaving eight 25 pair cables for interlinked boards



Closeup of REV-G1 showing matte black solder mask

Board Layout And Schematics