1A2 Multiline Phone Control Board - REV-H (Rotary/Interlink/PIC)

[Update 09/23/19] Received the REV-H boards from the printer a week ago, and soldered two up to test the synchronized interlink feature:

Component side

Solder side

Here's a video where I give the new board a quick test of the new Rotary dialing feature.


History of Board Revisions

1A2 KSU - Revision H

REV-H board all soldered up and populated with components.

Eight 1A2 phones Interlinked with two KSU boards for a total of 5 active lines (4 CO and 1 Intercom)
with two PowerDSINE Ring Generators.

REV-H mainly just added an on board fuse, making it unnecessary to insert an inline fuse into the power supply wire. Trace re-routing was just to improve specs. Adding SECONDARY detect for the two PIC CPUs is just planning for possible future use in firmware, but not used currently.

Otherwise, this revision offers the same features as Revision G and G1:

When combining two boards to provide a total of 4 CO lines / 8 extensions, each extension can be uniquely dialed on the intercom line via Touch-Tone or Rotary. This page shows how to interlink two boards.

Closeup of cable management, weaving eight 25 pair cables for interlinked boards



Board Layout And Schematics

Schematics + Wiring Diagrams