LOAD(OPCS)              Optical Printer Control System          LOAD(OPCS)
	load - (CUSTOM) unseat projectors for film loading 
	load [no arguments] 
	Unseats the projector shuttles for easy loading.

	This command is actually a script defined with a RUNCMD(OPCSDEFS)
	command, and is normally customized by your local site engineer.

	This command normally does the following operations:

	    > Disables the tension motors for the camera and projector

	    > Move projector(s) to unseated position with GO(OPCS)

	    > Pause to allow user to load the film

	    > Return projector(s) to seated position with GO(OPCS)

	    > Enable the tension motors again

	An example implementation of the load command might be done as
	follows. Add the following command to the 'runcmd' section of your 
	opcsdefs.opc file:

	    runcmd load load.run 0

	..then create a file called 'load.run' which contains the 
	following text:

	    --- cut here -----------------------
	    @ # Deenergize tension motors. Clearing port 379 bits 0 & 1.
	    @ ! echo @ clrbit 0379 03 00 > foo.defs ! ldefs foo.defs
	    @ go ab 1000,-1000
	    @ pse -noabort
	    @ go ab -1000,1000
	    @ # Energize tension motors by setting the bits.
	    @ ! echo @ setbit 0379 03 00 > foo.defs ! ldefs foo.defs
	    --- cut here -----------------------

	Note use of leading '@' signs to disable echoing of the commands,
	to avoid cluttering the screen with unwanted text.

        ANSI characters can be added to the script to embolden messages,
	and erase them when the user hits a key to continue.

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 12/15/89
© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.