From: Greg Ercolano <erco@(email surpressed)>
Subject: Re: Rush 102.42a9c and Snow Leopard
   Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 23:57:14 -0500
Msg# 1915
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Looks like Daniel has confirmed the fix, so I bumped the OSX version
number to 102.42a9d (emphasis on "d") which has that fix, and modified
the 102.42a9c release page so that downloading the mac version gets you
the 'd' release binary with the fix.

So if you want the 'd' fix release, go to the public upgrade page
and download the Mac version. (ie. go to
and click on the red upgrade monkeys)

Greg Ercolano wrote:
>> Greg Ercolano wrote:
>>> Mr. Daniel Browne wrote:
>>>> The machine stops responding after the last line, which corresponds to =
>>>> the knew hosts file being acknowledged:
>>    OK, after a phone conversation, it seems on Snow Leopard machines
>>    when the rush/etc/hosts file reloads, the UDP listener is getting closed,
>>    and replaced with a unix domain socket.
>>    Since rush doesn't use unix domain sockets, this seems a bit odd.
>>    Also, I can't seem to replicate this on other platforms, only snow leopard.
>    Indeed, the same code running on Tiger and Leopard is fine,
>    so this seems to be operating system specific only to Snow Leopard.
>    I think I've found the solution now -- running some tests.
>    Dan, I'll have a new binary for you Tuesday to try.
>    Seems to have to do with Snow Leopard's changes to hostname resolution
>    that use using unix domain sockets.