From: Greg Ercolano <erco@(email surpressed)>
Subject: [SYSADMIN/LINUX] Copy paste problems with 102.42a9c version of irush
   Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 23:32:37 -0500
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> We're having trouble using copy/paste in Irush and the submit forms
> using Rush 102.42a9c/64bit on Scientific Linux 6.x 64bit.
> When we try to do a ^C or Edit|Copy operation in Irush, it prints this error
> to the terminal:
>     X_ChangeProperty: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) 0x40
> ..and doesn't affect the copy/paste buffer.

	Yes, there's now a special build of Rush 102.42a9c that fixes this;
	basically an incompatibility between the GUI toolkit that version of
	rush was using with the newer versions of Linux X11.

	You can download the fix here:

	..which has Rush built against the newer version of the GUI toolkit
	that supports copy/paste on the newer linux versions.

        Note: Those using the 103.xx release stream already have this fix;
        103 already uses the newer version of the GUI toolkit, so it doesn't
        have this issue.

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