From: Greg Ercolano <erco@(email surpressed)>
Subject: Rush 103.05 maintenance and features release
   Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2014 16:18:13 -0500
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Hi All,

     Rush 103.05 released today.
     The update is free to those running 103.xx.

     For a list of the features, see:


        ALL FEATURES IN 103 (including the new ones in 103.05):

     Downloads for 103.05 and install instructions are here:

     Use your 103 downloads password to take the update.
     If you don't know your 103 downloads password, email me directly (erco@(email surpressed)).

     If you're on the older 102 release, you can upgrade for $20/host
     with a 10% discount this month due to the 2014 Oscars special running
     until the end of March 2014.

     In this release, Rushtop has a number of new features, including:

          o Network traffic monitoring

          o Easier way to select hosts to monitor

          o New "View" submenu lets you control which data to see (Cpu, Swap, Ram, Network)

          o Font zooming (Ctrl+ / Ctrl-) so text is easier to read on retina and HD displays:

     Submit scripts:

          o A new to manage Solid Angle's new release of their standalone renderer 'kick'

          o and can be used as cgi-bin scripts for submitting from web pages


          o A feature that shows how many items are selected in the upper irush window.
            Useful for counting frames, hosts, etc.