Kuper RTMC16 and RTMC48 Wiring
Wiring diagrams for the Kuper RTMC16 or RTMC48.

The DB-37 connector on the back of the Kuper RTMC 16 card (aka. 'P2'), or the RTMC48's separtate DB-37 connector off 'J1', contains two signals for each of the 16 channels; steps outputs are along the upper pins, direction outputs are along the lower pins.

Note: pins 20 and 37 are 5VDC supply outputs from the computer. Pins 1, 18 and 19 are configured at the factory to be GND, however they may be configured to supply either 5VDC or GND, depending on the setting of JP5 on the RTMC 16 card. See the Kuper docs for more info.

You must wire the first four channels to the Aerial Projector, Main Projector, Camera and Fader respectively. These channels are reserved by the OPCS software for these purposes. The rest are up to you.

The Kuper outputs drive TTL level open collector outputs, which is best for driving optoisolators at the motor drives, such as those found in Centent motor drives. I think there is a buffer chip (or two) you can change on the RTMC 16 to get normal TTL output levels. Possibly this is also true for the RTMC48. Contact Kuper Controls for more information.

Wiring Comments

Kuper I/O Port Address

"Kuper Industrial" Board
Jumper Settings for the half-sized "Kuper Industrial" board.

The "Kuper Industrial" board is a half-sized version of the RTMC48 for 16 axes of control. For OPCS, use the RTMC48 drivers with this board.

Interrupts / IRQs

OPCS only operates the Kuper boards on interrupt IRQ5, so the boards must have the IRQ setting configured for IRQ5. The Kuper base address should be 0300, but can be changed if need be; just be sure to update the "KuperBase" address setting in the STARTUP.DEFS file.

Sometimes BIOS settings will have IRQ5 assigned to other devices.. disable the IRQ for those devices or assign them some other number that doesn't conflict with the card, or the motors will act erratically.

If their IRQs can't be assigned, then at worst, disable those devices in the BIOS, and if they're needed, replace them with off-the-shelf cards where the IRQ can be set with a jumper.

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