A Reverse Engineered Wiring Diagram Of One Of My 2830 Phones

Some new 2830 phones I acquired that weren't working could be made to work again by matching
their wiring with one of my other working 2830's. My "working" 2830 internal wiring didn't match
the BSP diagrams, so I documented what I saw in my working phone, and created this diagram.
NOTE: the bell in this phone has the K/A wiring change for "diode ringing".

(Click image for full resolution)
NOTE 1: In the below, I used "A/B/C/D" in the "Term Block" column for the groups of screws
at the lower-left of the terminal board whose labels I couldn't make out.
The overall numbering scheme of the terminal board seems to skip them over,
so I'm not sure what their actual designations are.

NOTE 2: The handset on the phones I have are all wired directly into the phone, no RJ-11 connectors.
These have two white wires for the transmitter. Apparently handsets with removable connectors
use different wire colors for the transmitter wires; refer to the BSP docs.