Cable Modems and Unix

Note: This document has been updated to include steps to configuring a linux ip masquerade (NAT) LAN router for a cable modem. See 'How do I get my LAN to see the internet..' below.

This is a collection of various documents relating to hooking up your Linux or SGI (6.3 or higher) machine to the internet, esp. with a MediaOne cable modem.

Why cable modems kick ass

Considerations regarding Unix on cable modems

A description of MediaOne's service

Linux specific info

SGI specific info

How do I get my LAN to see the internet thru my Linux gateway?


Golden Network Card

Actually, if you need to use a different network card, you can call MediaOne and have them reconfig the cable modem remotely to use your different card. You will need to give them the Ethernet Address of the new card (6 two digit hex values, eg. xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx). You can get this number from 'ifconfig eth0'.


MediaOne uses DHCP to configure the machine's IP address and DNS info automatically. This is good, because then we don't even have to configure IP addresses, DNS info, etc. DHCP takes control of all that! Fine.

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