class Fl_Table_Row

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This class implements a simple table of rows and columns that specializes in the selection of rows. This widget is similar in behavior to a "mail subject browser", similar to that found in mozilla, netscape and outlook mail browsers.

Most methods of importance will be found in the Fl_Table widget, such as rows() and cols().

To be useful it must be subclassed and at minimum the draw_cell() method must be overridden to provide the content of the cells. This widget does not manage the cell's data content; it is up to the parent class's draw_cell() method override to provide this.

Events on the cells and/or headings generate callbacks when they are clicked by the user. You control when events are generated based on the values you supply for when().


  • Fl_Table_Row
  • ~Fl_Table_Row
  • callback
  • draw_cell
  • rows
  • row_selected
  • select_row
  • select_all_rows
  • type
  • Fl_Table_Row::Fl_Table_Row(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label = 0)


    virtual void draw_cell(TableContext context, int row, int col, int x, int y, int w, int h)

    Fl_Callback* Fl_Table::callback() const
    void Fl_Table::callback(Fl_Callback*, void* = 0)

    void Fl_Table_Row::rows(int nrows)
    int Fl_Table_Row::rows()

    int Fl_Table_Row::row_selected(int row)

    int Fl_Table_Row::select_row(int row, int flag=1)

    int Fl_Table_Row::select_all_rows(int flag=1)

    int Fl_Table_Row::type(TableRowSelectMode mode)