Described as 'a fist coming through your radio', his one hour shows, often monologues, defy summarization. He's been quite prolific; there are probably hundreds of shows. I'm partial to his monologues and autobiographical work. Of the many shows I've heard, the ones below are my favorites.

Joe sent some mail recently indicating these can all be found now via Joe Frank's own web archive, which he's asked his fans to link to (as of this writing, on 05/01/2003) in place of linking to people's personal bootleg archives. My understanding is this will help him fund his new shows, so all the best to him with that.

It would seem he's collected quite a bit of material on his site now, so check the main page for other information. I am told one can order CDs and MP3's of his shows directly from his site now, which is good news.

You might also check the NY Radio station WFMU and L.A. station KCRW where he has worked in the past, and they may have interesting references to his work. There is also a Salon interview, and a Speak interview that give interesting background info on the man and his work.

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