Erco's Mac OSX Page

This is a hodge podge of comments I have about Mac OSX. Mainly this is here as a reminder for myself on how to do certain things I easily forget, or need to be able to show others in detail while on the road.

In general, OSX from the point of view of this Unix savvy developer who had never owned a Mac before OSX 10.0, I'd say OSX is a damned good system. Before Apple embraced unix (eg. OS9 and older), I refused to touch that stuff; OS9's operating system design (and its ilk) seemed clumsy when familiar with unix. I feel the same way about Windows, but Microsoft is taking a longer time to see the friggin light.

As successive releases of OSX have come out (10.1, 10.2, etc), I adjust my comments. But since OSX 10.5, I have less to talk about, as the OS has stabilized quite a bit. Here are links to my older pages:

Comments about older releases of OSX

Lately OSX has for the most part stabilized (10.5, 10.6), so I don't really have new comments about them. Some old comments still hold true (still no 'focus-follows-mouse' option, windows still can't be resized from the window edges, windows can't be moved off the top of the screen, etc..)

So what follows are just general noteworthy things about OSX.

How to control iTunes from unix scripts

How to create New User Accounts from the command line