Slo-Syn 440-EP110 Stepper Motor Indexer/Drive - Superior Electric

*Not* For Sale - This page for information purposes only

This is a superior electric slo-syn micro stepping indexer and motor drive, circa 1990s. It controls a single motor, and includes both the drive and indexer, and runs directly off AC power. A computer controls the motor via its RS-232 port using G codes. DIP switch settings control the motor current settings.

This drive is apparently so old, documentation is hard to come by on the net. I have the drive, and recently found the original docs for it. Posting it here in case it can prevent someone from throwing away a perfectly good device because they just don't have the docs for it.

Below are both pics of all sides of the Drive, and all pages from the Installation Manual, and the 134 page Indexer Manual (35MB PDF) which documents all the G codes and port connector pinouts.


Installation Manual

Indexer Manual