Erco's Ubuntu Stuff

I've got two ubuntu systems now, both very clean and straight forward setups. No hardware hassling, which is amazing IMHO, after coming from years of redhat. Here's some notes for setting up both systems, which some may find useful:

Ubuntu 7.04 on HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook

A few months ago (Fall 2007), got an "HP Pavilion dv2000" notebook computer, and installed Ubuntu 7.04 on it. Nice light machine, and pretty cost effective.

Install was smooth/default. Only odd things I noticed:

Useful apt-get commands

A collection of useful apt-get commands..
                                     CENTOS: YUM          UBUNTU: APT-GET/DPKG              REDHAT: SIMILAR RPM COMMAND
                                     -------------------- -------------------------------   -------------------------------------------
             Searching for packages: yum search xxx       apt-cache search xxx    , etc
                  Show Package Info: yum groupinfo xxx    apt-cache showpkg xxx             rpm -qpi /tmp/foo.rpm
          Show Package Dependencies:                      apt-cache depends xxx             
                            Install: yum install xxx      apt-get install xxx               rpm -ivh /tmp/foo.rpm
                                     yum groupinstall xxx
                         Re-Install:                      apt-get --reinstall install xxx   rpm -ivh -force /tmp/foo.rpm
                             Remove: yum erase xxx        apt-get remove xxx                rpm -e pkgname
    Remove everything (configs too):                      apt-get --purge remove xxx
                            Upgrade:                      apt-get -u upgrade
                      Show upgrades:                      apt-show-versions -u
        Show All Installed Packages:                      dpkg --list                       rpm -qa

        Find package given filename: yum provides ping    apt-file search /bin/ping         rpm -qf /bin/ping
        Find filenames in a package:                      apt-file list xxx                 rpm -ql pkgname, rpm -qpl /tmp/foo.rpm
        Updating the apt-file cache:                      apt-file update

                *** SOURCE PACKAGES ***
            Getting source packages:                      apt-get source xxx
                      Build package:                      apt-get -b source packagename         rpm -ba, rpm-build -ba /tmp/foo.rpm
      Building Package Dependencies:                      apt-get build-dep xxx