Windows NT Administration Notes

How To Map Drives From The Command Line

How To Bring Up the 'Services' Panel as Adminsitrator

How To Add New Users From The Command Line

How To Identify Remote Machines Accessing Your Shared Drive

Tweaking DNS nameservers on clients via the commandline

  • Hiding the last logged in username

  • Info on the local machine

    Commonly Needed Packages

    Command Line Administration

    Useful Registry Locations

    Microsoft warns you about changing the registry. Big fuggin deal. By all rights, they should warn you about installing ANY software too; you're just as bound to blow up the machine just by installing the latest version of the Microsoft Compiler.

    And besides, if you fuck things up, what do you loose really? You just have to reinstall WinNT. Surely you're used to that by now.

    Work In Progress