Mac Systems Administrators: Making Scripts Available To Users

The goal is to copy the rush submit scripts onto a file server so that:

  1. Users can access the scripts to make shortcuts onto their desktops
  2. A directory that all the render machines can access

The submit scripts *must* be placed on a file server all workstations and rendering machines can access. The submit scripts not only bring up the GUI, but also handle rendering frames on render hosts, so the render machines must be able to access them.

  1. Copy the submit scripts to your file server.
  2. You can do this from the command line, eg:

         cp -rp /usr/local/rush/examples //yourserver/jobs/rushscripts
         chmod -R a+rx //yourserver/jobs/rushscripts/
    NOTE: If the above 'chmod' command fails (eg. if your mounts are AFP or SMB which don't support chmod very well), then run just the 'chmod' command on your file server to ensure the scripts are made 'executable'. If your file server is windows, you can skip this step.

  3. Login as a normal user and verify users can follow these instructions.
  4. You should verify users can follow those instructions to create Desktop aliases, and successfully start renders with them.

  5. Submit a test job.
  6. It's important to verify the submit scripts can invoke themselves over the network. A very simple verification test would be:

    A simple test using submit-generic.

    You may also want to test the other render scripts, to ensure the 3rd party renderers are accessable to the submit script.

    Sometimes environment variables and path settings need to be added to the submit scripts to ensure they can invoke the renderer correctly.

    Since you have a copy of the scripts on your file server, you only need to edit the one copy there, and all the machines will see the change right away.

  7. That's it.