Making Submit Scripts Available To Users

The goal is to copy the rush submit scripts onto a file server so that:

  1. Users can access the scripts to make shortcuts onto their desktops
  2. A directory that all the render machines can access

The submit scripts *must* be placed on a file server all workstations and rendering machines can access. The submit scripts not only bring up the GUI, but also handle rendering frames on render hosts, so the render machines must be able to access them.

  1. Copy the files from rush/examples directory to the file server
  2. In place of '\\yourserver\jobs\' in the following example, substitute an absolute path that can be accessed by your entire network.

    The following assumes the directory \\yourserver\jobs\ exists, and \\yourserver\jobs\rushscripts\ does not yet exist (it will be created by the following commands):

    xcopy /I /S c:\rush\examples \\yourserver\jobs\rushscripts

    Unix (MacOSX,Linux,Irix..)
    cp -rp /usr/local/rush/examples //yourserver/jobs/rushscripts
    chmod a+rx //yourserver/jobs/rushscripts/perl/*.pl
    chmod a+rx //yourserver/jobs/rushscripts/python/*.py

  3. Customize for your location
  4. There are some things you might want to customize your Rush submit scripts for at site, such as:

  5. Login as a normal user, verify desktop setup instructions.
  6. Desktop Setup Instructions

    At minimum, verify the interface can be opened as a normal user from a DOS or Unix terminal window using an absolute path:

             perl //yourserver/jobs/rushscripts/perl/

  7. Submit a test job.
  8. It's important to verify the renders run, to ensure the 3rd party software is accessable to the script.

    Sometimes environment variables and path settings need to be added to the scripts to ensure they can invoke the renderer correctly.

    If needed, edit the submit script and look for comments at the top of the script indicating where modifications should be made.

  9. Done.