My cat. A cute little nut, runs around like a maniac. Wirey and active, spends most of the time cleaning herself. Happiest chasing laser pointers, and catching then eating bugs. A quiet sleeper though, and a good little bed warmer.

Neighbor's Pets

Though these guys are not my cats, I'm including them cause they sulk at my place most of the time. Their thrones have all been usurped by the neighbor's new dog, Bingo. Their main job is sleeping in bookshelves, laundry piles, and paper bins.



Laika's brother, a real Tom cat. A food vaccuum, this cat wolfs down food. Got a permanent nick in his left ear in a 'bout with an alley cat. Whereabouts unknown.


Laika and Mikita's aunt, and Pocus's sister. Talks in a broken squeek-meow, sounds like someone stepping on a wet rubber squeek toy. Always the first into the room for food, she's a fat black lap cat.


Mikita and Laika's mom. Your basic aloof black cat. Hisses at Laika. A non-lap cat.. not very friendly unless sleeping.


Bingo the terror pooch. AKA, Mr. Dominance. A Rotweiler/Shepherd mix, keeps the backyard a busy place; eats ducks, chases coyotes. However, he's a nice friendly pup all the same, with outstanding achievements in scaring the fuck out of solicitors, 'specially those damn kids that come around selling magizines and other crap door-to-door. Sick em, boy!


The new pound puppy, getting larger by the day. He's gonna be a big one, I'll bet. And he can do the sad, soulful eyes thing better than any dog I've ever seen. Here's one for the ladies.


I call her 'Maglette'; she's a pup. What a ball of energy. Jezus. She's fulla slobbering kisses and love nips. She has feet like a wolf, and sharp little teeth. Her best trick is to romp around in the mud from the sprinklers, then pounce on you with those big muddy paws when you're all dressed up for a meeting. She and Dali like to get it on when no one's looking. They love to run and jump, and play all day.


A real sweetie.. a nice doggie, the quietest of the bunch, and very polite. She used to chase coyotes all the time, but one day she went a little too far into their territory, and they beat her up pretty bad. I'm surprised she lived through it, after seeing what they did to her. She's less cocky about chasing 'em now. Bingo seems to have taken over coyote chasing.

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