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Greg Ercolano's

- H O M E P A G E -

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My Personal Stuff
1A2 Multiline Board
A circuit board I've been designing that controls old AT&T phones


Simplex Webclock
A javascript webclock. Handy for phone/tablet.
Use browser zoom (Ctrl +/-) to enlarge to fit your device.
2013 Rose Parade
Pictures of the Rose Parade floats on Jan 2nd 2013.
2012 Photos
A dump of the pics on my iphone.
2010-2012 Sketch Gallery
My sketches on napkins, mix of new and old stuff.
2009 Trip to PEI
Trip to Prince Edwards Island, Canada in 2009
with my Mom.
2007-2009 Sketches
My sketches on napkins, etc.
2007 Rose Parade
Pics of the 2007 Rose Parade floats.
Includes surrounding area of Pasadena.
2006 Sketch Gallery
Didn't sketch much this year,
so mostly old stuff never posted.
2006 Pasadena
Photos around Pasadena near where I used to live.
2005 Sketch Gallery
Latest sketches on napkins, etc.
Marina+Palos Verdes
Photos I've taken of the LA/Marina area.
2004 Sketch Gallery
Sketches on napkins, etc.
NY Object d'Art
Found this lying around in the gutter of a country road.
2003 Sketch Gallery
Sketches on napkins, etc.
CT Fall 2000
My photos of Connecticut in fall 2000.
1998 Sketch Gallery
Lots of old sketches from 1998.
Industrial Photos
My photos of Wilmington.
1996 Sketch Gallery
Some old sketches from my first web page, an intranet page at Digital Domain.

Galleries: 1996, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005

FOVICKS: LA River Photos
My scouting of the L.A. River

FOLAR handles the 'nature' stuff.

Cross River Dam, NY.
My photos of Cross River Dam, summer of 2000 in NY.
Richard Williams Masterclass Notes
In June 1997 Richard Williams offered a rare a master class in animation, so I flew up to San Francisco to take the 3 day class. He insisted no photos/videos, so these are my notes from the class.
House In Topanga
Where I used to live 1999-2002
House In Altadena
Where I used to live 2003-2004.
Pics from business trip to Seoul, July 2001.
Trip to Idyllwild
Some pictures from a short trip to Idyllwild, CA in April 2001.
Obligatory pet pictures.
2001: A Space Odyssey
I decided to unravel the slitscan sequences in 2001!
Erco's Links
Essential links I used to use in the early 2000's.
How I've kept busy the last 20 years
Tide Chart
For Los Angeles area beaches.
Print A Calendar
Why buy 'em; print them yourself.
..and how light travels through them.
A happy 'Y2K' card cobbled together from a Woody Woodpecker T-shirt.
Used to be #1 on Google Image search for 'happy new year'.
Joe Frank
My picks of his radio shows.

My Technical Stuff
Seriss Corporation
My software company.
Rush Render Queue
My commercial render queue software.
My Commercial optical printer control software.
A simple DNS config tool.
Runs on Mac, Linux.
A nixietube desktop clock.
Runs on Mac, Linux, Windows.
New! Updated for OSX 64bit (Catalina 10.15 and older)
A desktop pixel ruler.
Runs on Mac, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD.
FLTK Cheat Page
This page documents tricky FLTK stuff.

See also: FLTK Video Tutorials and my Fl_Table, Fl_Gel_Tabs, and Fl_Native_File_Chooser widgets.

Verifying rtlinux scheduling with a scope.
Unix Tools
Free stuff I've written you can download.
HTML Music Player
An example of an html5 music jukebox. Example uses .ogg files.
Ubuntu setup for Mac Mini and HP Notebook.
Also, miscellaneous apt-get cheatsheet.
Redhat Magics
Magic stuff needed to make practical use of RedHat.
My Mac OSX page.


Windows sysadmin stuff.


Compaq Deskpro 2000
How to create the BIOS diagnostic partition
on a weird old DOS era machine.
My IP Address
Prints out the IP address of your firewall.
Wacom Paint Program
My small paint program for Wacom tablets on an SGI. Includes source code.
Cable Modems
Getting your linux machine on a MediaOne cable modem.
(kinda old info)
"1A2" Multiline Business Phones
Pinouts, schematics, and technical info for
Bell System phones of the 1960's and 70's.
Com Key 416
Multiline Business Phones

Pinouts, schematics, and technical info for
"Com Key 416" Bell System phones.
SloSyn 440 Indexer + Docs
Superior Electric Slo-Syn 440 pics and manuals.

Other People's Stuff
Fun, well drawn webcomic. Has archives of everything to date.
Jim Woodring's Site
Get his surreal comics.
Bell Labs TouchTone Circuit (1960)
The original design for TouchTone phones. (From www.bellsystemmemorial.com)
Crazy Phone Geeking
Fun in the '70's with Operators, Noises, Vox Recog., and other Weird Obsessions.
Someone 'bugged' an owl house.
Pictures and sounds.

Sadly, this site was replaced with an unrelated commercial product.
Grand Coulee Dam
Definitely one of the best spillways.
Webpage by Charles Hubbard.
SGI Bloat
SGI internal post mortem that leaked to the net.
A must see for all software engineers and managers.

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