Ballona Creek, Marina Del Rey

These pictures were shot with a Hi8mm video camera, then later digitized on an 'Indy' Silicon Graphics workstation in 1998. Because these were shot on analog video, the quality sucks by today's standards. But in those days, scanning analog video to digital was High Technology.. so you betta 'recognize!

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bikepath-ballona-creek.jpg (50511 bytes)
Bikepath between ballona creek and marina canal.

ballona-creek-bridge-eastward.jpg (50890 bytes)
Bikepath bridge  looking east.

ballona-creek-north-wall.jpg (51782 bytes)
Rocky north wall of the ballona industrial creek, low tide.
tree-public-library.jpg (52218 bytes)
Public Library, Redondo Beach.
ballona-creek-handrail-cu.jpg (57590 bytes)
Steel cable handrail.
ballona-creek-handrail-cu2.jpg (51551 bytes)
Handrail post mount.
commanding-view-of-redondo.jpg (46535 bytes)
Commanding view of Redondo Beach, from Palas Verdes summit.
gnurled-tree-palos-verdes.jpg (51131 bytes)
Gnurled tree, Palos Verdes Estates.
lax-takeoff.jpg (44007 bytes)
LAX westbound runway takeoff over the dunes along Vista Del Mar.
resting-gull.jpg (49025 bytes)
Resting gull, Playa Del Rey.

Rancho Palos Verdes
Abalone Cove

This is kinda a nice walk I discovered just driving around the Palos Verdes area, after seeing it from the sky on a flight to NYC. The planes take off from LAX, flying out towards the sea, then turn around 180 degrees and often pass over the Palos Verdes point. I recall seeing the caves from the air and thinking, I gotta drive down there and check that out. I could see there was a road that runs along the cliffs, and trails down to the beach.

These shots were taken around March 1998 with a video camera.

calm-ocean-2.jpg (51285 bytes)
Rocky beach, looking north-west.
calm-ocean.jpg (45729 bytes)
Rocky beach, looking west.
cliff-jet-stream.jpg (48810 bytes)
Jetstream over Abalone Cove cliffs.
cliffside-closeup-sediment.jpg (65688 bytes)
Closeup view of cliff wall.
clifftop-view-2.jpg (43497 bytes)


cliffs-falling-poll.jpg (45799 bytes)
desolate-highway-bend.jpg (36391 bytes)


grassy-cliffs-and-rocks.jpg (47604 bytes)
foam-cu.jpg (55802 bytes) mild-ocean-cu.jpg (42034 bytes)

rocky-cove-far.jpg (51204 bytes) clifftop-view.jpg (37412 bytes)

rocky-cove-2.jpg (48726 bytes) rocky-cove-sploosh.jpg (48028 bytes)

rocky-cove.jpg (45101 bytes) wet-slabs-cu.jpg (39352 bytes)

wet-rocks.jpg (61324 bytes) water-cu.jpg (56395 bytes)

water-worn-rock-cu.jpg (60446 bytes) rocky-shore.jpg (67139 bytes)

Huntington Gardens, Pasadena

Click on the images to see the full size scans. These pictures are scaled down versions of scans from black & white photographs I'd taken during Thanksgiving weekend, 1998.

Note: if these images look too dark, use this gamma test pattern to correctly adjust your screen brightness/contrast; Look at the image with eyes squinted, and adjust your monitor until the first and second rows of grayscales appear as similar as possible.

Oh, all right, they're just dark images.


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