DOCS: Misc Documents

            intro - Intro to OPCS general docs
             8255 - 8255 digital I/O (DI09, etc)
             a800 - Docs for the A800 step pulse generator board
            ascii - The ASCII character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hex
          centent - centent driver wiring
         ciodio24 - CIO-DIO24 bit 8255 based PC I/O card
        connector - misc connector wiring
             ease - Ease generator
            error - a description of OPCS error/warning messages
            gecko - gecko stepper motor drive wiring (201, 201X..)
             home - motor homing standalone program
            kuper - kuper card documentation
             math - math operations in opcs
         nextstep - NextStep micro stepping drives
             opcs - optical printer control system
         opcsdefs - OPCS definition file format description
         opcsifac - OPCS interfacing hardware
         opcsetup - opcs setup notes
         opcshard - notes on rigging the OPCS hardware
         parallel - parallel port pinout
          pio-100 - PIO-100 parallel I/O interface board
         quickref - OPCS camera operator quick reference/tutorial
           rtmc48 - RTMC48 notes
           serial - serial port pinout
           slosyn - slosyn motor wiring notes
	   sd-800 - Stepper Distribution 8-channel board
	            This breaks out the A800's DB-37 cable into separate
                    RJ-45 cables to each stepper drive.
           syntax - general syntax of opcs commands
         versions - OPCS version info
           wiring - all the wiring documentation in one document

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