OPCS: Operator Commands

            intro - Introduction to OPCS commands and related docs
                ! - execute a DOS command
              '#' - the comment marker
         autofilt - enable/disable the auto-wedging filter wheel
              cam - shoot frames on the camera
            check - check counter values for specific channels
              chk - check if the pro/cam/fader counters are at certain values
           custom - recommended commands implemented by the site engineer
               do - repeat commands
          dxi/dxo - set up an automatic dissolve in/out
          fdi/fdo - set up an automatic fade in/out
             feed - feed new positions to motors every camera frame
               go - Move motors some distance or to new positions
              jog - jog motors interactively
              key - shoot camera/projector frames by button control
            ldefs - load a new motor definitions file
           lineup - (CUSTOM) seat the camera for lineups 
             load - (CUSTOM) unseat projectors for film loading 
              log - logs manually entered commands to a file or device
           motors - enable/disable the motor hardware for debugging scripts
              opn - open the fader shutter
              pro - run the projector so many frames forward or reverse
              pse - pause a run script
              rat - change the projector/camera shoot ratio for the REP command
              rep - repeat the current projector/camera shooting ratio
              res - reset the computer's projector/camera counters to new values
            reset - reset the counters of one or more motors
              run - execute a command script
             seek - seek to positions quickly on camera/projector(s)
             show - show positions for all 8 motors
              shu - send the fader shutter to absolute positions in degrees
              spd - set the camera's exposure speed
           unlock - (CUSTOM) unlock motors for manual adjustment
           velrep - special purpose velocity repeat patterns for tandem shooting 

© Copyright 1989-1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.